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Body sculpting surgery encompasses a number of different techniques to reshape many areas of the body. Patients can effectively eliminate excess fat and skin that are unresponsive to diet and exercise.

Several methods can be employed to help patients achieve a leaner and toned appearance., these methods include Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Arm Lifts and Thigh Lifts.


Much of our physical appearance is due to heredity and many aspects of the way we look such as, colour of our eyes, height and hair, are out of our control. Many things however, such as our weight can be broadly controlled. It is widely accepted that it makes sense to eat a healthy diet and to exercise. However sometimes despite all our best efforts to lose or control the fat, some regions of the body contain stubborn diet and exercise resistant fat.

Liposuction is a body sculpting technique that involves the removal of localised unwanted lumps and bulges of fat by the use of thin straw like metal tubes, called cannulaes.

Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty

The abdomen can be stubbornly resistant to any improvements. In some individuals the localised deposits of fat in the abdominal region combined with muscle laxity can make any hopes of a flat tummy very difficult to achieve.

Abdominoplasty, or a Tummy Tuck as it is more commonly known, is a procedure to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall and remove excess areas of tissue and fat in the lower region of the abdominals. Depending on the amount of fat to be removed, a Tummy Tuck will often be performed in conjunction with liposuction (this will be advised at your consultation).

Armlift – Brachioplasty

Often referred to as ‘Bingo wings’ or ‘Bat wings’, flabby arms are a common complaint amongst women. The cause of their development is usually due to age, however it can also be down to hereditary factors and weight loss. An Arm Lift procedure will reduce sagging, loose skin and fatty tissue of the upper arm, which will dramatically improve the contour and appearance of the arms.

Thigh Lift

Excess skin can often be an unwanted cause of losing a large amount of weight, leaving folds of skin where the fat used to be. A thigh lift is an operation, which will remove the excess skin along the inner thigh area – from the inner knee to the groin area. The finished result will give the appearance of more tighter, toned thighs and better overall body proportions.

Cooltech Fat Freezing

The Cooltech Fat Freezing procedure is a non-invasive way to gently and effectively reduce the fatty content of targeted stubborn areas of your body such as the stomach, love-handles and back resulting in an enhancement in the treated areas. Being totally non-invasive, this means there are no needles, scalpels or incisions required. Furthermore there is no need for anaesthesia or pain medications and effectively there is no down or recovery time.

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