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Dr. Alex D. Karidis during consultation

The information on this website has been prepared to better inform you about any procedure you may be considering. Please take your time considering what is presented here as it will help you be better prepared for your consultation and will perhaps assist you in developing any questions you may want to ask.

Following on, providing you are happy, the next step is to call us or email us and arrange an appointment in our consulting rooms. When you come in for the appointment you will then have a private consultation with Mr. Karidis. As a rough guideline this takes about 30 minutes, but obviously this does depend on each individual, and therefore will take as long as is necessary for the patient to feel happy that the procedure has been fully explained and that all questions have been answered. Mr. Karidis is particularly interested in making sure his patients have as much complete information and understanding as possible. It can be beneficial to bring along a friend whose support you feel will help you during the consultation. However since it is a time for you to concentrate on yourself, small children brought along may sometimes be a distraction for you.

After the consultation, some of our patients make an immediate decision to have surgery while others need time to think over what was said. Don't worry if you forget to ask a particular question. Just call up the office the next day and mention it and Mr. Karidis will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once you decide to arrange surgery, we will work to find a time that works for you. You will be then be given specific instructions regarding preoperative and postoperative care and attention, and full details regarding time of arrival and departure.

For any other questions then please call 0207 432 8727 and speak to one of our staff who will be pleased to help you.

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