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Deborah Vine, Operations Director

Deborah Vine

Leading the team with a wealth of experience gained in the fields of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty, Fitness and Wellbeing. Deborah has worked with countless high profile clients, sportsmen and women within her career and feels inspired and privileged to have been instrumental in creating the environments in which their personal goals have been achieved and to which they have continued to return for advice and treatment.

At KARIDIS we have paved pathways to personal satisfaction. We have created a welcoming environment with great listeners who will act as your guides.

Caroline Farr, Assistant Operation Manager

Caroline Farr

Caroline was educated and qualified in South Africa and has been actively working in the industry for 9 years, over 6 of those have been dedicated solely to the aesthetics field. Caroline has spent several of these years as a trainer and has a real passion and understanding of the skin and body and a wealth of knowledge.

Having originally joined the team as Senior Practitioner, Caroline has a thorough understanding of how a patient feels in a clinical setting and has experience in managing the expectations of her patients, ensuring that the patient is happy at every stage of their Karidis treatment plan.

Caroline has spent a significant amount of time working closely with Mr Karidis to ensure his philosophy is integrated in to the work she and her colleagues do.

I'm excited to be a part of the driving force behind the Karidis Clinic, ensuring that Mr Karidis’ beliefs are brought to the front of a successful non-surgical business.

Mr. Costas Papageorgiou, Oculoplastic and Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr. Costas Papageorgiou

Our new medical associate Mr. Costas Papageorgiou, is an oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon whose main clinical interests lie in oculoplastic and cosmetic facial surgery and rejuvenation.

During his training at the University of California Los Angeles, Mr Papageorgiou worked with some of the pioneers in the field of facial plastic surgery and gained valuable experience on minimally invasive surgical techniques, as well as the latest trends in lasers and energy devices.

Mr Papageorgiou offers facial enhancing treatments such as wrinkle-smoothing injections, fillers and Ultherapy at the Karidis Medispa in Harvey Nichols and provides clients with a free, informative consultation aiming to address every concern you might have on the features of your face.

I deeply appreciate the trust and confidence of my patients. It is my hope that my skills and expertise will help derive the results they are looking for.

Helen Chapman, Clinical Nurse Lead

Helen Chapman

Helen is a Senior Registered Nurse Practitioner and graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 1998. After graduating, Helen made the decision to pursue a career in cosmetic surgery and now has over 10 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. Helen has worked for multiple companies across the industry and has gained fantastic experience in non surgical treatments. Her passion lies in injectable treatments.

Helen has worked alongside and trained with Mr Karidis and is a highly skilled practitioner, creating natural looks for all of her clients

I truly believe that everyone deserves to feel better about themselves and I thoroughly enjoy making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Karolina Jendras, Nurse Practitioner

Karolina Jendras

Karolina is one of the teams registered nurse practitioner having graduated from Kings College London. Karolina has spent over 5 years working in medical aesthetics and has a vast experience of working with a wide range of non-surgical procedures.

Karolina, as with all Karidis practitioners, has spent time working closely with Mr Karidis having trained under his guidance and is a skilful and knowledgeable practitioner.

I am very passionate about making people feel and look their best and it is a privilege to work as part of such a talented team.

Amy Parker, Nurse Practitioner

Amy Parker

Amy is a qualified Nurse Practitioner and graduated from London South Bank University in 2009. After working at Broomfield Hospital in the prestigious Burns and Plastics Unit as an Intensive Care Nurse, Amy decided to pursue a career in aesthetic medicine working in a world renowned Harley Street clinic administering a broad range of non-surgical procedures before further extending her experience in a city based cosmetic surgery clinic.

Amy is now working alongside Mr Karidis focusing her attention on providing fantastic customer care and giving patients natural looking enhancements.

My aim is to work together with the patient to establish a treatment pathway for them to achieve the best possible results.

Nicola Barnard, Office Manager & Senior Patient Co-Ordinator

Nicola Barnard

As Patient Co-ordinator for Mr Karidis, Nicola has helped many people choose the best way to achieve their individual treatment pathway.

Nicola's role means that she (or her assistant) meet every new patient that Mr Karidis consults with. She has forged some great relationships with patients over the years and she prides herself on giving as much time as is needed to guide each person through their experience from initial phone call, through consultation, surgical experience, post operation and often beyond.

Nicola has been commended for being readily available at the end of the phone to listen to and alleviate worries and share her knowledge to make every experience as easy as possible for each individual person.

It is a pleasure to be part of such a fantastic team whose main priority is to give their patients the best possible care.

Jade Burton, Assistant Patient Co-Ordinator

Jade Burton

Jade is an integral member of Mr Karidis support team and having worked with Mr Karidis for some years, has a sound understanding of both the way he works and his patients varied needs.

Jade's role is as Assistant Patient Co-ordinator and her excellent understanding and rapport with patients coupled with her ever-expanding knowledge of the treatments allows her to listen and advise the best solutions for Patients when they are making important decisions for themselves.

The key to Jade's success is that she spends time with people listening and asking questions to ascertain what it is that is required and then striving to achieve the best outcome for them. She uses her knowledge to select from the huge range of expertise available, seeking advice from the professionals to get the desired results.

I thoroughly enjoy advising patients on the selection of surgical and non-surgical treatments we are able to offer, I truly love working with Mr Karidis and his amazing team.

Lucy Montague, Clinic Receptionist

Lucy Montague

Lucy runs the Reception and front of house at the Karidis Clinic and supports the administration team. Lucy Has worked in the Beauty and retail industry for over 6 years with a wealth of knowledge and experience and she thoroughly enjoys sharing this with our patients.

It is a pleasure greeting all patients into the Karidis Clinic and making their experience warm and welcome, ensuring our clients feel comfortable and at ease before meeting our highly experienced team is my top priority.

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