A flawless complexion is a must so treat yourself to our popular skin revitalising HydraFacial treatment combined with Restylane lip fillers for an instant summer makeover. Whilst the HydraFacial works to replenish the skin, removing dead skin cells and impurities from the pores, the Restylane fillers will create a look of fullness without the dreaded trout pout look.

The HydraFacial treatment is a fast, efficient treatment that has a unique ability to remove dead skin cells while bathing the new skin with moisture, leaving skin beautifully replenished and free from imperfections. The combination of specially formulated serums with a vacuum-based skin abrasion tip is what makes this treatment so unique. Whilst the mini vacuum-like tip removes dead skin cells and impurities, gently exfoliating the skin, the antioxidant serums cleanse and moisturise. The treatment is clinically formulated to improve the appearance of congested pores, uneven skin tones, fine lines and wrinkles, and even acne-prone skin. After just one treatment skin is glowing.

Following the HydraFacial, Restylane fillers are used to plump thin lips and complete the look. The treatment is a subtle approach to enhancing looks naturally.

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